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21st October 2014

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Glickenhaus will driveModulo in Manhattanbut scared to do this
Glickenhaus will drive
Modulo in Manhattan
but scared to do this

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20th October 2014

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there were 39Ferrari GTOs builtfewer of these left
there were 39
Ferrari GTOs built
fewer of these left

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19th October 2014

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"But Doug, what happensnext year, when you’re 64?”(mom doesn’t get it)
"But Doug, what happens
next year, when you’re 64?”
(mom doesn’t get it)

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18th October 2014

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raddest muscle carshere invariably ownedby Europeans
raddest muscle cars
here invariably owned
by Europeans

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17th October 2014

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in the right contextrumple-fendered ’28still looks like spaceship
in the right context
rumple-fendered ’28
still looks like spaceship

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16th October 2014

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for amidships switchFioravanti favoredpugilistic stance
for amidships switch
Fioravanti favored
pugilistic stance

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15th October 2014

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now moonlighting asDollar Store Hans G. Lehmannsome awful X thing
now moonlighting as
Dollar Store Hans G. Lehmann
some awful X thing

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14th October 2014

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stepside hacksaw dreamaka the Ultimate Argument Settler
stepside hacksaw dream
aka the Ultimate
Argument Settler

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13th October 2014

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how ’bout GMC?suppose that’s no good either?(tilting at windmills)
how ’bout GMC?
suppose that’s no good either?
(tilting at windmills)

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12th October 2014

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repeat after me:This is a cool Chevy truck.Chevy trucks are fine.
repeat after me:
This is a cool Chevy truck.
Chevy trucks are fine.

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11th October 2014

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non-truck guy wondershow is this bad, exactly?explain please, haters
non-truck guy wonders
how is this bad, exactly?
explain please, haters

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10th October 2014

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thing I don’t get isopinion not uncommon!here is rebuttal
thing I don’t get is
opinion not uncommon!
here is rebuttal

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9th October 2014

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dad says no reasonfor anything but Ford trucksdad not always right
dad says no reason
for anything but Ford trucks
dad not always right

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8th October 2014

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with just a few tweaksbeauty far exceeds that ofthe box it came in
with just a few tweaks
beauty far exceeds that of
the box it came in

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7th October 2014

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this bro doesn’t knowI just used my haiku forThing One and Thing Two
this bro doesn’t know
I just used my haiku for
Thing One and Thing Two

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