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About Firebird Man

Since its inception in 2006 as a repository for links to obscurely desirable eBay and craigslist finds—a sort of Bring A Trailer before Bring A Trailer, minus the typos, black-interior fetish, and monetizing instincts—Firebird Man has continuously evolved in accordance with its author’s fluctuating levels of ambition/commitment/interest. Alternately swelling to accommodate longer-form writing and photo-essays and contracting to a trickle of quick-hit pieces, for the moment it has found a fragile equilibrium.

About the author
• I can honestly claim responsibility for roughly one third of the contents of Car and Driver's letters section between the years of 1983 and 1985
• In 2010 I released a concept album resurrecting Juan Manuel Fangio as a Saab-driving rogue assassin, and made a video for it
• I learned who James Joyce was from L.J.K. Setright
• In 1986 my band Exit House recorded the song from which this blog takes its title; I played Sparklett’s bottle

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